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Day 13


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April 28 Nuremberg
Today we were aboard a bus early to get into downtown Nuremberg. The bus toured us past many Nazi sites including the Reichparteitagsgelande (Reich Party Congress), an 11 square km grounds where the Nazi party held 6 rallies between 1933 and 1938. We did not stop here, as we opted for the city tour (maybe a mistake). The bus eventually dropped us off near the Imperial Castle and we had a guided tour of the castle and surrounding old town area.
Our tour today was in the rain and somehow our group got behind and we didn’t get the full tour😔. We ended the tour at a traditional bratwurst house where we were given a 1/2 pint of beer and a bratwurst bun. Here the bratwurst is served without sauerkraut. I prefer mine with sauerkraut. After this we had about 45 min before we had to meet to walk to the bus. Not enough time to really explore much. Luckily it was market day in the square, so we wandered around and checked out the market. Fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and cheese, sweets, and some street food vendors. Back onto the bus for the ride back to where the boat is docked just outside of the city on a canal.
By now the rain had stopped so we went for a walk along the canal. It was good to get in a bit of exercise. We sail for the rest of the day and all night.
We just finished going through a lock to get us out of Nuremberg, it had to have taken us up 30 feet. I was curious about our elevation so I looked it up. Since leaving Amsterdam we have rose 302 m (990 ft). These waterways are impressive. Just before dinner we were allowed up to the sun deck to experience one of the largest locks that we will travel through. It raised us up an impressive 89 feet. We have experience all the locks so far from inside the boat, inside our cabin, but this… This was a way different perspective to see the whole operation from the sun deck. To see the entire boat in the lock. One of those experiences that is impossible to put into words. Just the magnitude of the whole thing, not Panama Canal magnitude, but impressive nonetheless. While we were up there the captain showed us how the wheelhouse retracts into the deck, so we can pass beneath the many, many low bridges we have passed under. Some bridges are barely a foot of clearance.

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