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Day 9, 10 & 11

Rudesheim, Miltenberg & Wertheim, Wurzburg & Rothenburg

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April 24 Rudesheim
We sailed all night and most of the morning. Today we travelled through the Rhine Gorge. This was a spectacular setting. We passed about 20 castles along this section of the Rhine. Each was perched atop the hills that line the gorge. Also along the way there are vineyards everywhere. We started out on the sun deck so we could see both sides of the gorge, but it was too damn cold to stay up.
We arrived in Rudesheim around noon. After lunch we went on a tour of Rudesheim and a walk/hike up to the Niederwaldenkmal monument. This monument was built in 1871 and 1883 to commemorate the unification of Germany. The walk was a good hike up from town through vineyards, it doesn’t get better than that. The views of the valley and river from the top were amazing.
Back on board we enjoyed a lovely dinner and sailed again all night. We have travelled through dozen of locks already and apparently will be going through 68 in total. Some are quicker than others, but all are on a first come first served basis. This afternoon the crew was busy removing all the furniture and railing from the sun deck. For the next 5 days the sun deck is off limits, as we pass under many low bridges. After dinner we returned to the room and enjoyed the lights as we sailed right through Frankfurt.

April 25 Miltenberg & Wertheim
This morning we awoke in Miltenberg. After breakfast we packed our backpacks up, as we are off the boat for the whole day. The boat will continue up river and through locks and we will do our tours and then be bussed to the boat in Wertheim. The boat will take 4 -5 hours to get to Wertheim and will make the trip by bus in 30 minutes. Miltenberg is a very interesting old town, and had excellent examples of half timbered houses. We learned a lot about the decorations above doorways and their meanings. The houses are quite colourful and the streets are narrow and cobblestone. After our our of the old town, we decided to walk up to the castle. We took a little longer path that took us through a forested area where the trees are in all stages of leafing out. The castle was ok, but the views of the town and the river were spectacular. We took a different route back down passed a Jewish cemetery. When we were back in the main square we managed to find a cafe and have a German beer. We met up at the designated spot and followed our guides to busses. The busses drove us to Wertheim about 30 minutes away. Here we had another tour that ended up at a glass museum and shop. There was a glass blowing demonstration, however the organized missed the mark on this one, when they tried to jam all of us into this museum at once. Most didn’t get to see the glass blowing demo and the museum was interesting, but… We did pass by some amazing Japanese cherry trees in full bloom - this was really something to see. We eventually made our way to the river and back on the boat just in time for happy hour.

April 26 Wurzberg & Rothenburg
Our boat sailed all night and when we woke this morning, we were docked on the outskirts of Wurzberg (Verz-berg). We are doing an extra excursion today to Rothenburg (Rotten-berg). There are about 37 people going. The rest stay on the ship as it makes its way to the actual docking station where they will disembark and your Wurzberg. Rothenburg is an hour bus ride away through beautiful German countryside. Vineyards, crop land and small picturesque villages. Rothenburg is a beautifully preserved medieval town and the old town is completely walled. About 2500 people live inside the original city walls. We had a lovely tour guide that spoke to us about the town. We had a lovely sampling of german sausages from the butcher shop. Later Bill and I had to go back and buy some sausage to take onto the boat and while we were they we had to have a bratwurst and sauerkraut bun. It was so damn good. We wandered the old town for quite a while before heading back to the bus for our return to Wurzberg to meet the boat. Once our bus load was back on the boat we set off down the river again. This afternoon we were entertained by a young woman playing violin.


So I haven’t written my blog for 3 days because we have been busy, so this afternoon I am writing the past 3 days. I am hoping I am remembering correctly, but after a while it starts to all run together.

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